Decorative Concrete Overlays

 As a certified applicator, we provide our customers with an innovative coating that is  perfect for decks,     pool area, patios, walkways, driveways and interiors. 

The physical nature of concrete can make selecting an overlay product difficult.  We use a cementitious, high resin, solid coating that provides added strength and bonding to existing concrete making it the right coating solution for long life and maximum beauty.

Why a Concrete Overlay?

  •     Eliminates the cost of removing existing concrete – no demolition necessary!
  •     Faster to install than  concrete.
  •     Works well in both interior and exterior application.
  •     Flexible, durable and resistant to wear.
  •     Designed to meet every desired look and aesthetic requirement.
  •     Custom color matching and a wide selection of color options
  •     A variety of patterns, designs, logos and textures available.


Surface coatings are only as strong as the substrate underneath the coating.  We provide our customers with proper evaluation and preparation  prior to product  application, insuring optimum product performance.

Stamp Photo

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