Swimming Pool Resurfacing – Commercial & Residential

      Resurfacing your pool with fiberglass eliminates:   Rough Surfaces • Algae and Staining

                                                      • Cracks and Leaks • High Chemical Usage

Fiberglass is the material that has revolutionized swimming pool renovation.  It is the ideal way to contain water and  is well known for its durability and tensile strength.  Fiberglass conforms to any shape,  allowing unlimited application freedom.  It can be used virtually anywhere that water containment is required.

Fiberglass is inert, waterproof and corrosion resistant, has a high strength-to-weight ratio, is flexible and resists heat, cold, moisture and chemical attack. Years of field experience has demonstrated  that fiberglass can dramatically  reduce renovation and maintenance costs and extend the life of a swimming pool or aquatic facility.

Think of fiberglass as a  shell that seals, protects and waterproofs, is corrosion resistant and highly durable.    The nonporous surface inhibits algae penetration and minimizes staining.  This product greatly reduces the time and effort of maintaining any pool.

Fiberglass is not a new material.  GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) products have been used in the construction, corrosion and marine industries for many years.  GRP composites are totally engineered materials used for corrosion control in harsh chemical environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Resurface with Fiberglass Instead of Plaster