Aerospace Structures Corporation

Project-Aerospace Structures Corporation Stockton, CA

Market-High Performance Composite and Metal Bonded Structures

Concern-Aesthetics and Cleanability

Product System-Garland PR-300 & EPHD-RY Coating

Contractor-STS, Inc./ Carmichael, CA


Applied Aerospace Structures Corporation is a full service provider of complex composite and metal bonded structures and assemblies for both military and commercial applications. With 40 years of experience with analysis, design, fabrication, and testing of structural assemblies and hardware, they have supplied key components for military and commercial programs.

Applied Aerospace Structures Corp. (AASC), formally Parsons of California, has occupied the same site in the Central Valley of Northern California for almost 50 years. The company originally fabricated helicopter rotor blades and has maintained a focus on lightweight, high performance engineered structures since then. AASC is committed to being an innovative and responsive supplier to the Space and Aircraft industry. They invest in research and development of materials and processes to continually improve technology and maintain the highest standards of quality.

AASC's facilities, located in Stockton, CA, occupy 245,000 square feet. These facilities house an extensive range of equipment and machinery that ensures capability to manufacture a diverse range of hardware.

Fritz Watson, Quality Assurance Director, was looking for a solution to the vinyl flooring in their lab area. They had issues with their VCT floor and needed to upgrade the look in their laboratory appearance, a major concern with regard to their clients.

While researching for options and solutions they found that Garland Floor Company had an answer to overlaying their existing floor with a unique primer designed specifically to work with vinyl tile and epoxy floors. The other concern was their severe time constraint - they had little room for down time.

Garland Floor Company contacted their approved northern California applicator - STS, Inc. The staff at STS reviewed the AASC project and, together with the experts at Garland Floor Company, agreed that the Garland PR-300 vinyl primer was the perfect solution for their project. STS, Inc. is an innovative company that is constantly researching emerging products in order to provide the consumer with the best possible solution.

STS, Inc. scheduled the project for a three-day completion period which satisfied the AASC time constraints. The crew began the project by scarifying the existing vinyl tile to accept the PR-300 primer. The primer was followed by a pigmented body-coat, EPHB-RY-reduced yellow epoxy. When the body-coat was applied, vinyl colored chips were dispersed and allowed to cure overnight. The lab was able to be reoccupied within twenty-four hours of applying a clear top coat of EPHB-RY.

Watson said they were very pleased with the outcome of the project. “The working environment is cleaner and presents a more professional look to our clients. STS, Inc. was able to meet our time constraints and provide us with the economic solution to updating our existing floors