Corinthian Homes

Project-Corinthian Homes/Yuba City, CA

Market-New Home Builder

Concern-Aesthetics of New Concrete

Product System-Opaque Stain

Contractor-STS, Inc./ Carmichael, CA


Corinthian Homes is one of northern California’s premier quality home builders. Bringing thirty years of experience to the new home industry they focus on craftsmanship and design. Each home they build is designed to exceed quality expectations, proving uncommon value and memorable design features that go beyond traditional production housing offers.

The Edgewater, a new project in Yuba City, wanted to showcase their models. The newly poured concrete driveways and walkways showed discoloration from the concrete cure and installation of the landscaping

Corinthian project design team contacted STS, Inc. to see if they could solve the problem of the concrete staining and discoloration before they opened the models. STS provided the perfect solution and recommended an opaque stain system, providing an integral color that was breathable and would cover their concrete surface without changing the concrete texture. The application is resistant to natural UV, completely covers existing colors, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. They would have a uniform color and a surface that was easy to maintain.