Project:  Flextronics  Bldg. M-6 Milipitas, CA

Concern:  Replace Failed VCT Tile flooring

Product:  ICS-I-Stat ESD 1000HB


Flextronics Americas Headquarters, located in San Jose, California contracted Duplan Construction to upgrade an existing electronics production facility, building M-6 in Milpitas, CA one of Flextronics production facilities for micro chips and mother boards. The 50,000 square foot building had VCT electrostatic discharge tiles that had failed. The project required a quick turnaround time because of a contract procured with Motorola that needed to be in production within 45 days. STS, Inc. was recommended to Duplan Construction from the success of a previous project. The ESD floor application on the San Jose project has preformed to all expectations along with being esthetically pleasing. Their applicators were professional and met the critical schedule imposed. A site inspection was done prior to preparing the surface. It was identified at that time that there was a probable moisture issue and recommended that a 30 mil vapor barrier be applied prior to the application of the 15 mils of high build ESD epoxy flooring.
STS completed the project in 14 days from substrate preparation to finish. Jim Simoneli, project manager for Duplan Construction was pleased with STS’s performance and timely application time allowing them to complete their move-in and installation part of the project in the allotted time. At the end of the project the floor certification was performed and all the readings were within the required Electro Static Dissipative range. The project was certified to meet the manufacturers specifications.

A. VCT Electrostatic discharge tiles (failed)
B. Removal of tiles & floor prep
C. 30 mil vapor barrier applied
D. Application of ICS-I-Stat ESD 100HD
E. STS Crews applying 15 mils ESD
F. Completed application and equipment installation
G. Manufacturer testing for certification