Project-Flextronics / San Jose, CA

Market-Electronics Production Facility

Concern-Cost effective high performance

Low Maintenance ESD Flooring

 Product System-ICS-I-Stat ESD 1000 HB


Flextronics, headquartered in Singapore, is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS)provider. They help customers design, build, ship and service electronics products through a network of facilities in 30 countries on four continents. Americas Headquarters is located in San Jose, California.

The San Jose location provides design and engineering solutions that are integrated with manufacturing, logistics and component technologies. A commitment to creating a safe and quality work environment was a key factor for this project.

This area of the facility was being redesigned and
designated for the production of Prototype Servers.

STS, Inc., as an authorized applicator of ICS-I-Stat
ESD flooring, was contacted by Orchard Commercial Construction of San Jose. They needed a flooring
system application that met the criteria for Flextronics production environment. The application would have
to meet the critical schedule with minimum down-time.

STS assessed the project and determined that a three-step application process would meet the project

The 9,000 square foot facility was scheduled for a five-day completion period. Moisture testing was done on the existing concrete substrate. The application of a moisture tolerant primer and a high build intermediate epoxy coating was applied. This application was
followed by a topcoat, of ICS-ESD 1000 HD. This product is acknowledge as one of the best performing ESD epoxy flooring products on the market due to consistent conductive readings.

Lowel Mazon, project manager, was pleased with the performance of STS, Inc., regarding the critical schedule they had to adhere to and the project results.

Lex Winters, jobsite superintendant with Orchard
Commercial Construction, commented, “The STS crew was professional and extremely knowledgeable in the product and application. The project moved effortlessly and met all our time constraints.”