Tofu Yu Kitchen

Project:  Tofu Yu Kitchen-Berkeley, California

Market:  Food Processing

Concern:  Aesthetics and Cleanability

Product System:  Polyurethane Floor, System with a 4” Cove

Contractor:  STS, Inc.



Tofu Yu LLC, is an international vegetarian gourmet food company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. A unique new soy
beanery company creating healthy vegan
and vegetarian food.

STS, Inc. was contracted by the owner, Mr. Kevin Strong, who was looking for a cost
effective flooring system for his tofu processing kitchen. STS proposed to apply a polyurethane concrete epoxy with a nonskid broadcast and a 4” epoxy cove, finishing with a lock coat to the entire surface.

Prior to the application of the epoxy coating the installation of a drain system was installed and STS was asked to create a slope on the existing floor to allow water to flow into the newly installed floor drainage system.

After the slope had been created a 4” cove base was applied followed by the CT-730SF

The owner was pleased with the finished floor and the on-time workmanship of the STS installation crew. “The system was the right choice for easy maintenance and durability we were seeking. Although there were time delays on our end of the project STS