Toll Brothers

Project-Toll Brothers / Serrano, CA 

Market-New Luxury Home Builder

Concern-Aesthetic Upgrade on New Homes

Product System-StampStone

Contractor-STS, Inc./ Carmichael, CA


As the nations leading luxury builder, Toll Brothers has been building luxury homes for over forty years. Servicing twenty-one states they have been building new communities in picturesque settings. By choosing from hundreds of options they provide the ability to customize each home, offering buyers the home of their dreams.

Toll Brothers homes offer a combination of quality materials and superior design, where every detail is meticulously crafted and every enhancement is seamlessly added to create a customized home that is truly unique. The luxurious homes are specifically designed to harmonize with the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape—incorporating the existing hills, trees and ponds. Toll Brothers sought out a company that could provide a natural stone look on the desk and entryways of their model homes at their Promotory and Pinnacles projects in El Dorado Hills.

STS, Inc. was contracted by the builder to provide just the natural look they wanted with their
StampStone custom stamped overlay. This was the perfect choice for their project as the StampStone overlay designs are truly unique in texture and color and can be designed to blend with any environment

The STS crew applied the StampStone custom overlay on the model’s above grade decks. The crew first applied a waterproof fire-rated system on the deck followed by the stamp overlay. Each model had it’s own unique look –granite, flagstone and slate were the patterns chosen by Toll Brother’s design team. First, the StampStone application, a polymer modified cement coating, was applied at a thickness of one quarter to one half inch. Next the chosen patterns were hand detailed into the overlay providing a one of a kind look. Once the overlay was textured, the color crew hand applied custom color to give the natural look of stone. The application was sealed for protection and wear, providing a beautiful lasting stone look. StampStone was also applied to the models entryways over existing poured concrete, once again providing the look of natural stone.